We help providers, employers and health plans tackle sleep disorders and their related chronic diseases in the most engaging, effective and efficient way possible.

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Rejuvenly's program addresses all major sleep conditions (apnea, insomnia, restless leg and narcolepsy) . We also offer one of the most advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBTi) programs, the gold standard for developing good sleep.

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Receive valuable educational information and steps to improve your sleep that is specifically for you and adapts as your needs change throughout your lifetime.

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We make it easy for your share your results with your physician and have coaches to answer your questions to answer your questions each step of the way until you keep achieving the results you want.

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We offer a simple four step process


Simple 10 minute adaptive assessment


Detailed reports for you and your physician.


Customized plans with easy action steps and personalized educational material


Customized online sleep improvement sessions based on the latest scientific research

We tackle four costly conditions that impact health, worksite risk, productivity and lifestyle.

A dangerous sleep disorder affecting an estimated 25 million Americans where breathing is repeatedly interrupted while asleep increasing risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure and diabetes.  Snoring and gasping are common symptoms.
A common problem affecting more than an estimated 70 million Americans who have difficulty falling or staying asleep resulting in increased risk of depression, anxiety, heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.
Other sleep disorders
Restless Leg Syndrome is a condition that causes irresistible urge to move the limbs and feelings of 'pins and needles' that affects more than estimated 20 million Americans.  Narcolepsy is a condition with excessive daytime sleepiness and sudden sleep attacks.
Related chronic conditions
Sleep disorders are highly co-morbid with the most costly conditions such as Anxiety, Depression, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Asthma, COPD, Pain and Arthritis.
$228 Billion

Annual U.S. health care cost of top 8 chronic conditions is $1.3 Billion.  Nearly 1 in 6 health care dollar spent is consumed by a person with a sleep disorder.

$150 Billion

The annual cost to American businesses from absenteeism, lost productivity and worksite accidents due sleep disorders is significant.

The Rejuvenly assessment was easy to navigate and provided very useful feedback. The assessment report also offered helpful information about how to really get a better night's sleep.

C from Simsbury, CT

I was surprised how easy, efficient, and comprehensive the Rejuvenly Sleep Assessment was in understanding my sleep patterns. I believe it accurately pinpointed a sleep issue I have been suspicious I might have but have forever put off addressing with my doctors.

G from Cheshire, CT

The Rejuvenly assessment is an easy way to unlock credible personalized advice about a critical aspect of health often overlooked by doctors and patients.

M from New York, NY

Rejuvenly's patented sleep program is innovative and effective. It has personally improved my sleep quality in a short amount of time.

A from Los Angeles, CA

There are a lot of people I know (like me) who have been waiting for something like this. Maybe we can all get a little sleep now.

G from San Francisco

Having struggled with sleep in recent years, and even with some success in making improvements on my own, the Rejuvenly platform was very insightful and I feel it gave me an accurate picture of the things I can work on to continue to improve.

T from New York, NY

Results Guaranteed. Only pay when we deliver results.

Our solution is designed to deliver a world class experience that engages and motivates your participants.  No setup fees, no expensive system implementations, we make it easy for your to start for FREE today.


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